User can designate cutting region by dragging or precise genomic coordinates

3D-Genome Interaction Viewer & database

Easy-to-use database about 3D-genome

About 3DIV

3D genome organization is tightly coupled with gene regulation in various biological processes and diseases. 3D Interaction Viewer and Database (3DIV) is a database providing chromatin interaction visualization in a variety of options from one-to-all chromatin interaction with epigenetic annotation to unique dynamic browsing tools allowing examination of large-scale genomic rearrangement mediated impacts in cancer 3D genome. 3DIV will be the most comprehensive resource to explore gene regulatory effects of both normal and cancer 3D genome.


3DIV provides querying list of significant interacting partner locus, visualization, and comparative analysis of 3D chromatin interaction across about 400 samples.

Capture Hi-C

3DIV provides promoter capture Hi-C (pcHi-C) results across 28 normal human cell/tissue types, a great resource in identifying target genes of disease-associated genetic variants.

Cancer Hi-C

3DIV provides unique visualization and manipulation tools that allows user to generate rearranged 3D genome by selecting listed SVs, creating own SVs, and providing order of rearranged chromosomes.

~ 400


> 18

Cancer types


Colon cancer specific Structural Variations


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